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Experience is more than just the number of hours you’ve put into your career, although we certainly have plenty of those, it’s about improving the quality of your product every day. Put our experience to work for you.

Julie Baese Illustration

Julie Baese

Julie Baese has spent her whole career designing great experiences for users. Whether it was a local event poster that needed to connect with an audience, or a complete overhaul of the BMW Fluid Dynamics landing page to connect a mass audience to car technology, Julie builds visuals you can connect with.

Most of her career was spent in large digital agencies working with brands like BMW, Home Depot, Mitsubishi, Lipton, Unilever, and Sharpie. However, Julie’s first true love was digital illustration, which you’ll see in her current designs as she creates many of the original icons and graphics that you see in her portfolio.

Working for local agencies in Kelowna, Julie has helped create many of the brands you see around town today, including Kelowna Flightcraft and BNA brewing. As a digital free agent, she continues to build an impressive portfolio that includes local and national brands which you can see in our current work.

Mark Baese Illustration

Mark Baese

Mark Baese began creating content before he turned 10 years old with his first radio show recorded on a dual-cassette stereo. (Look it up kids.) His teen years were spent building computers, learning to code, creating and editing footage on his parent’s camcorder, and writing short stories. He turned his hobbies into his career with his first gig in Toronto radio.

Although his early career was built writing content for radio, Mark quickly grabbed hold of the opportunities in digitizing traditional media and built his first website for a small radio station in Ontario. Eventually this would lead to a career helping digital giants Astral Media and Bell Media build out their digital tools and advertising platforms.

Mark now spends his time building digital experiences with Julie for clients that include web, apps, and content. Although he writes for blogs of all shapes and sizes, some notable contributions include his work with the San Francisco Chronicle’s digital marketing blog, and The Huffington Post.