3 Types of Content Your Blog Readers Will Love

We’ve already touched on why you should be using content marketing for customer acquisition, but what type of content should be you be creating? Here are 3 types of content for your blog that customers and readers will enjoy – and get you great SEO results!

Writing content for you blog can be tough. Coming up with new topics and ideas every day or week can be one of the toughest things you do. By varying up the types of content you write, you can make this job a little bit easier. When you come up with a great blog idea, think about what type of content will fit that topic best.

Everyone Loves Lists

One of the easiest forms of content is simply to create lists, and they work for any type of business. The top 10 dog foods your pooch will love, 5 action packed destinations for a European vacation, 8 cars that are comfortable to make love in, and so on.

Creating lists for your business are as simple, but making them engaging is another thing entirely. Let’s take a car dealership for example. You could write a post about 5 cars that offer a smooth ride, but that’s a bit of a yawn. The example above about cars that are comfortable to make love in is FAR more interesting, and sure to get a lot more interest. The key here is a tongue and cheek post that is interesting, but not dirty. It’s important you know your audience!

Another example is a florist. Rather than a list about the 5 best selling flowers, go in the opposite direction: 5 flowers that aren’t roses that will wow her, or 5 forgotten days where your partner deserves flowers. You get the idea.

Behind The Scenes

Rather than just writing a sales pitch over and over, write about what happens behind the sales pitch. Use photos and video to show how you make your products, what happens in the staff only areas (if it’s appropriate!), how your products are delivered, or even staff profiles. You’d be surprised what regular, every-day, behind the scenes material your audience would enjoy.

The key here is to look at it like an outsider. Many times we take our behind the scenes material and treat it like internal content. This means jargon, or making assumptions about what the viewer actually knows. If you can, have an outsider blog the process. They’re much more likely to treat it like your reader would like to read it and keep it simple.

True Story Examples

Getting outside the business is another great way to create content. If you sell a product or service, chances are it’s being used somewhere other than your store or office. Get on location, and get a good story. There’s one major trick to making this content work well: it’s not about you.

If you really want your true story example to click, make it about the client. It’s tempting to just showcase your product in the real world, but your blog is all about your product. Trying something different will add intrigue. Instead of telling the story of your product, tell the story around your product.

For example, if you sell running shoes, tell the story of the marathon they’re used in, or the person trying to get fit by running. If you sell clothing, tell the story of the place or event where the clothing is used. If you sell window car detailing services, showcase the fancy car (or how it saves time, etc). There are many different angles you can take to tell the story. Just doing a testimonial on your project is ok, but telling their story will make it that much better!

These are just a few ways you create content that’s a bit more interesting than your standard blog post. If you’re running out of ideas, or would rather spend time running your business, contact us for help. We’re great at writing content!